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May. 15th, 2011

Geun Suk 1

OK, here once again

I have to many blogs and I never write on any of them, but I thought I should try once again..^^
So here I am. Now 23 years old and finally, FINALLY moving out of my parents house. Shit, it's about time. And just so you know, I have wanted to do this for a long time, but things got in the way, a lot of things so I have a reason. This year I started studying at Uppsala University in Sweden, my homwtown. I'm this crazy person and kind of obsessed with my city. I don't know a thing about it's history, I can barly find my way around it (and I have lived here all my life XD) but I really love Uppsala, mostly becuase of the sites, the old buildings like the university main bulding, the castle and the university library Carloina Rediviva and the Fyris River going thorugh the city.  It's not a very big city but it's enough for me. ^.^
So yeah I have started studying and I suck at it. I constantly push upp my deadlines and get stressed and do even less and get more stressed, yeah. It ain't working so well. But I love it and I want to do well.... Well all I can do is work on it.

Well a short little update, I will try to do so more often, but maybe in swedish... I don't know, we will see.^.^

My projects this summer:
Studying (Studying, egyptian hieroglyphs, runes, and fantasylitterature during summer)
Dircovering Uppsala (visit museums and other things Uppsala has to offer)
Writing (Has so many ideas, will try to get them down on papper.)
Working, don't want to, but I guess I have to. I still have my job... I actually don't know.)

And of course moving!

Oct. 31st, 2009

Geun Suk 2

You're Beautiful!!

Ok I seareilosluy just need to spasm about this drama!! Since about a year I'v had  a hard time getting caught in any drama. Before that I was obsessed over everything and didn't do anything except watching drama, but not anymore. There is very few that I like and wait for. Since last year those I've liked have been: Last Scandal, Hong Gil Dong, City Hall, Gourmet, New Heart, On Air, The Lawyers of the great Republic Korea. Not that many when you think about how many that come out in a year. Anyway, my newest love is, You're Beautiful!!!!!!! So much love love love!!!!! Well I love mostly thanks to the always wonderful Jang Geun Suk that is my favorite Korean actor. But in this he is great! Absolutely fantastic! Every facialexpression he makes gives chills and I love it! He fits the role so perfectly! And I also love the acting of Jung Yong Hwa. This is his first role and he plays the poor guy that gets dumped all the time and sometimes it's so freaking heartbreaking I'm about to cry! Bad  bad Go Mi Nam!!! But also Lee Hong Ki from FT Island is in this and he is so freaking cute and adorable in this I just want to hug like crazy!! This is just so adorable and I'm just so nervous about how it all is going to end! I can't see Yong Hwa get hurt anymore, I don't like it! Haha.

Well now I'm going to watch Beethovens Virus with Jang Geun Suk becuase I can't get enough of him!!!

Oct. 13th, 2009

TVXQ hug


It sure was a long time ince i last wrote he he. Well this is me, I confess that I'm extreamly lazy, that's who I am haha. A prefer to lay in my be reading or watching tv than anything else hehe.

Well anyway, it's been a few changes. I sorta quit woking.. well I work extra now, I can sign up on nteret the times I can work and then they ca call me if the need me but well I haven't signed up. It's kind of spoiled of me but I am so tired of my job and I don't have a slightest bit of energi to work there. But do not think that all I do now is sitting at home lazying. Now I study full time, to get my high school diploma. I have graduated high school but my grades wasn't complete. I tried to fix them last year but I was so tired with school then that I gave up, but now I have taken a new step forward. It's going pretty well, except that I'm little late with my homework right now and instead of studying I find myself sitting here writing on my blog. hehe

Well maybe I should go then but I will try to write more often and more interesting things^^

Jul. 25th, 2009


Work work work...

I'm so tired.. For someone who is used to working two evenings a week, to suddenly have to work nine days straight.. well it's not fun.. I'm really tired. Not becuase of work really.. it's not that hard.. but because I have to go up at 3.30 am most of the days. And because I'm never able to catch up on sleep even on my days off becuase of loud family. So I'm really tired. There is only two weeks left on the summer schedule, thank god, but they are gonna be a pain. I long for some days of and my vacation start week 33 for three but week 34 school starts again so I have to study like crazy to catch up all that I should have done during the summer, stuff that I didn't do beucase I was to tired! And now I'm not even sure of I will be able to have keep working this autumn. Talk about bad luck. My friend keeps nagging me about finding a new job but I'm to tired to even write a CV. I now I'm complaining but you would to if your are forced to go up almost 4 hours before your work start and then have to go to bed around 8.30pm so it all can start over the next day. Well my mood is lousy today, if you haven't noticed..^^'

And when will All About DBSK 3 come! It's supposed to be released july 31st so shouldn't it come up for preorder soon! I really need to know how mucg it will cost.. this makes me really frustrated.......
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Jun. 23rd, 2009


Back I guess..

It's been way to long since i last wrote. Sorry about that. I took a break and then I had a hard time to get back on track again. I have the same problem writing letters. I got a letter in april and I still haven't answerd, sorry KyuHyun! I just have a hard time sitting still and do what's need to be done. I do thousand of other things instead... 

Anyway, school i over for the summer I guess. This year has been kind of lousy when it come to school. I was suppoed to raise my grades in six subjects.. I was only able to fix two. Not so good but I was able to get an A and a B in those two subjects so I'm kind of proud of my self anyway, haha. I realised that I have the worst and the best grades among my friends. I have the most A's but I also have the most F's haha. But, I think that kind of shows that I can do it, if I really want to or something like that. Well with summer being here and a new semester starting in the fall, I'm to old to fix my grades in my highschool so now I have to study on my own and then pay quite alot so that I can take test or en exam or what you call it. That I must do at the end of Septmber so I kind of have to study all summer and work all summer. Yay. I'm not looking forward to it, but I hope I will be able to fix it this time so I can finally enter the university. I'm trying to be the first in my family to do so but since I had to fix my grades my sister might beat me to it... not good.

I start work at seven almost all morning. Maybe that isn't that for some people. But I live far from my work and have to take to busses to get there. So when I start at seven I have to take the bus from home at 05.25am, that means I have to wake up about 4 in the morning but since I'm not a morningperson and needs to have a lot of time to get ready so I don't stress I have to get up att maybe 3.30am. Does that sound fun. No. Specially since I don't have anything to cover my windows with and it's really bright in my room until about 1 am so I hardly go to sleep before that during the summers. I have a feeling this summer is going to be hell...
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May. 23rd, 2009


Saturday evening..

I said I wasen't going to write until school was done but it felt bad, I need to write.. I need to get it out, or something like that haha

Right now I'm having my second glass of wine. Yes, on saturday I'm home with my family and drinking.. but no worries, I have been  alowed to drink for several years.^^  I usually don't drink with my family but I was kind of stressed becuase of school so I thought it would be nice to get a little bit wasted haha. There is something special about drinking at home when your are not near your friends.. it can be nice... just to let all your hidden emotions free haha.. Well I'm not going to be all lame and sob and just talk nonsens...but I just came to think about some things. One of the things I have loved for a very long time,.. since I was a child, was books. I love books! When I find a great book..I can be on cloud for days haha. In second grade of high school I was in total bookphase and I read about four books a week. Reading was all I did. I went to the library several times a week... and so on. Since then one of my dreams have been to have a big house so I can have my own library and that is still one of my dreams hahaha. I love books. I also love writing. I don't have any silly illusion about being able to publish a book, I do know my limit, but I still love writing.. or more.. I love the process of creating a story. I have a habit of getting obsessed with a story and thinking about as soon as I'm bored, that mean even at work, so sometimes I cans sort of wake up and realise I have not a clue about what I'm doing because I was so caught up in the story in my head... So books and writing and so on has always been my thing. Mine! But today my mom asked me if I had read what my little sister wrote for school. Apperantly it was SO good... I confess it made me kind of mad, because writing is my thing and mom haven't been very excitied over my stuff...  well I know why, because I mostly write fantasy,, started doing that at age 13 and, well, mom can't really understand the wonderful things about it. I love fantasy becuase you can create your own world. You don't really need anything else than your own mind. If you write stories that take place in the real world there is rules and things that need to be correct and so on and so on. I hate that. Anyway..  I realised that my little sister is now 13 and soon she will start to really create her own self.. at least I think so. I started figurering out who I really was when I was 14. But what I'm worried about is that she starting to get in to my terretory! You may think that this is silly but we are thress sisters in my family and we are all very different so we all have our own worlds and I like that. Becuase we don't have any bad feeling when it comes to the things we like.. but know... she is sort of destroying that balanse. Not with what she's written becuase I can't understand the hype about (yes I do realise I win the worst sister award) but the fact that mom gives her alot of credit about it,. that ruins the balance. I don't like it also because she has read maybe ten books in her life (she is very proud about it) when I had read almost a hundread in her age. Books is my thing! Books, movies and everything about asia is my thing.

I'm patetic... here I go on and on about how I want mom attention.. thats the sum of it, isn't it. But I can't help it you know.. because I write fantasy so mom has never really cared about it..  and she kept going on and on about this little story my sister wrote so I thought it would be great,... sure, maybe she has some potential but..not enough to create all that hype, it pisses me of. Well who gives a shit hahaha

About school, yeah I'm all panicky about it. On thuseday I have a big japanses exam. One part of it is that I have to speak to my teacher in japanese for 30 minutes... ok.. I can say my name in japanese and that's about it so yeah I'm kind of stressed out. And the situation dosen't get better by me sitting her drinking wine hahahahaha..... ah..... I'm going to die on thuseday... don't you agree. But japanese is all that I have left and then school is finished!! So I should just get my as moving or something right....

I'm still behind in my DBSK fandom.... I feel bad about it but It takes such a long time to sit a save evry picture and print out every article and so on. On wednesday I will try to get back on track again.  I did see Shinees new MV and that was kind of hot! I do try to not like them that much since all of them is younger than me and it feels bad but man, Key, Taemin and JongHyun sure looked fine in the MV! Jonghyun is really starting to look like a man! Nice muscles he has started to build! Nad I love Taemins curly hair. He looked beautiful hahaha
I also had a chance to watch Super Junior performance of It's you. If you didin't know, my fav Suju members is Yesung and Eunhyuk in that order and both took stole my heart again, but Eunhyuk! Wow... I LOVE HIS HAIR; HIS MOVES AND EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT HIM hahahahahaha He looked so absolutley hot in that performance... I was chocked and glad that I was already a fan of him and Yesung! Thy showed me that I was right to love them! Haha^^ Yesung, Eunhyuk, I love you gyus hahaha.

This last week I have bought a lot of CD's, Taegoons, Ilac, Monday Kis, K-will, Evan, Shinee and also an OST of a Kdrama  I haven't seen but my oppa Eru is singing five songs I and I have missed him like crazy since he went to he military so I'm so happy that I will be able to hear his voice again! And his dad is also singing in the album so that's a fun bonus haha. ^^ After DBSK I love Eru the most. ^^ I can hardly wait until he comes back!  Well I will tell you what I think about the CD's when I get them!^^

One of the troubles I have right now is that one of my packages has gottens stuck at the customoffice of some reason. I don't really get it. I got a letter hem of last week about that they needed to some information and I mailed it to them the same day but I have't heard from them since that... I really don't understand the problem. It was a package from Yesasia, and this is the first time I have had any trouble in the two years I have been customer. I want my package! It's Yuzu CD's!!! I want Yuzu'z CDs!!! I have been waiing almost a month for those CD's!!!!! 

May. 16th, 2009

Geun Suk 2

Late post again,

This has been one crazy week, and next will be worse! One more week before school is over and until then I will take a little break from here. I need to learn to years japanese in one week hahahah I'm not having a panic attack at all hahahahahahhahahahaha

May. 9th, 2009



Today I went to my job, haven't been there since last saturday. Kind of a nice day. Things went by fast and I think it I did somewhat a good job... maybe I did something wrong right at the end, I'm not sure. They didin't say anything but when I think about.... it's a mess. I'm a little worried if I will have a job this summer. I worry every summer, but lately I'm so tired of it so I think I'm not as good at as I used to be. So... yes, I worry. Well I'm also a worrying kind of person, which isn't good for my heart hehe. Well I hope everything will work out alright.....

I'm kind of mad at my family. On wednesday my sister called home to say that she would come home on thursday with her new boyfriend so we could meet him. He dosen't live in the same city so they can't meet that often. And since I'm home my mom asked me to tidy up. Sure no problem. But when I start somehing then I do it for real. So for several hours yesterday (I'm writing this friday night but it's past 1 am so now it's saturday^^) I cleaned the house lika a mad woman. And when I ws done it was gorgeous! I thought about taking pictures, just to keep some evidance that our house can be clean. Then later on, 15 minutes after my sister said he would come, she calls and says she's no coming. Well no one was suprised. My sister only comes one of every ten times she says she is coming. But that means that I had cleaned that house in vain. and yes I mean in vain. Becuase my family can't keep clean for five seconds. My family leaves before I get up in te morning and today when I went I saw that kitchen looking exactly the way it always look every morning. A total mess. I even think it was worse than usual. Every morning, my mother and little sister runs around like crazy and I sort of feel like crying when I see what they leave behind becuase I have to take care of the kitchen every morning, if not, my dad will get mad at me for not cleaning up. But why!? Why should I have to take care of it? For god sake, mom is grown woman, can't she even whipe the table of!? Mom always get mad at me  and asks "why can't you do anything when you are sitting at home all the time?" and this is the reason!!!! Becuae it 's useless! It took less than 24 hours to make it look like it did before! Should it be like that? When all who live in this house is adults (except my sister, she's 13)!? And the bathroom!? What hell do they do in there? Yesterday it was spotless! Now it looks like a dump. And just so you know I have my own bathroom and it almost always clean. The strange thing is that mom is supposed to be a clenliness freak.... but I'm not sure where that part of her is hiding. But the worst one of them all is that little monster... my little sister. Sometimes I just want to hit her in the head to se if there is something in there. She is extreamly spoiled. She is much younger than me and my older sister (I'm 21 and my older sister is 25) and apperently mom parents didn't have any strenght to say no to her. No one in the family say no to her., except me.. so we don't have a very loving realtionship. But I seriously think sometimes that she is just plain stupid. How many times do you need to tell someone to stop writing on every peace of paper in the printer for that person  to understand and then stop doing it? I do'nt know... I haven't been able to make my little sister get it. I paid for the freaking paper so can she stop writing her boyfriends name on every single on of them?! And how hard can it be to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher? And how hard can it be to close he bag to the bread so it dosen't dry up? Well apparently very hard! Well nothing is more frustrating when I get yelled at for telling my dear little sister to do these basic thing. It's like that in this family, I can't say anything without getting yelled at myself. Because if I do something wrong they tell me as soon as possible and they never forget that one time.. but when it comes to my darling sister they for some reason they just can't see it. But when I do something wrong and they tell me about it, unlike my sister, I learn from my misstakes and don't do it agan. But they don't see that..

I'm sorry I ranted all of this.. but it just to avoid me doing anything that could put me in prison for life. I love my family, you can see that right....he..he...he

Now for more happy things. I've started to fall in love with DBSK new single Stand By You. I've only listened to it one before and it didn't really give my any feelings but when I saw some fancams from their tour ... it's a really great song! It's already up for preorder and as soon as I get my paycheck I'm buying both versions! I will not do what I did with their last single and wait for the hong kong version, because now I will get it without  the offshotmovie and photocard! It gives me a bad feeling haha.
       I'm really longing for my Yuzu CDs! And I so wanna buy thier Live DVDs!! Saw some clip on internet and they look amazing on stage I think! So energetic and they sing great!! I want thier CDs now!! ^.^ But thier DVds are so expencive! My wallet is already crying... I will have to wait until July to be abel to afford them.. that is if I get work this summer.....
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May. 6th, 2009

Geun Suk 2


Sometimes I have this incredible luck! Here I was, sitting infront of my desk and my computer as usual and doing whatever I could come up with except studying and was starting to slowly feeling a little panicked over the fact, that TODAY was the day that my school assignment was supposed to be finished and I STILL hadn't started! I wrote a mail to my teacher saying that I would mail it to her the latest tomorrow morning, thinking I would do an all nighter and somehow get it done.. well I was still doing nothing that could be called studying but anyway... I recived a mail from my her and guess what, she said she had hurt herself and so I don't need to be finished until friday next week!!! Lucky me!!! ^^ Well of course I feels sorry for my teacher, her injury seemed painful, but I still am a little happy for my sake. ^^ But this isn't the first time something like this happened. When I had a big exam and was paninking over my lack of studying my teacher got sick for two weeks! He even said he was suprised becuase he never gets sick.... hmmm.. do I maybe got some magical powers haha maybe cursing powers...... kind of scary....
       So what I have to do now is to finish the assignment, study to a test in the same subject that I have on wednesday next week, study to a math exam that I have friday nect week and the study for my japanses class on thursday next week.. Well this may not sound much but well it kind of is. Becuase I study four subject right now, to get my grade up so I can enter university this fall, three of these Math and Japanese 2 and Japanse 3 is subjects I have been stugling with for two years! Haha can you belive it! Well whats worse is I haven't actully looked in the books for more than half a year and I can barley remember any of it. So now I have like one or two big exams in every subject that will decide my grade.. and I haven't started yet... Strange right. Well I do want you to know that I'm not just sitting here on my as and doing nothing becuase I'm just lazy.. well maybe a little.. hehe, but it's also because I'm just tired of it. I graduated from High School last year, not the best time of my life since I spent most of my high school time in depression so I don't have that many fond memorys.. actually I can't remeber that much, I was kind of out of it and during my last year I was barely at school at all. I can't even remember the names of my classmates... kind of ad right. I got better last year and was able to study like crazy for about four months but I had been away too much so my grades wasn't that good. And now I'm stuck with consequences. But there is so much heavy feelings with these subject since they are from hich school so I have a hard time dealing with it all and studying. I was supposed to be finished in november but that didn't happen. And now I have until the last week of may to finish or I have to wait a year,.... I don't really know what to do... I'm really worried about math.... that is my worst subject, even while I was in high school. Will I really be able to fix this... Gahh these are the thoughts that make me feel bad! NO I WILL MAKE IT IN TIME!!!!!! Ganbarimasu!!! Easy to say right,....

Now to happier things... or maybe.. Junsu was in a wheelchair at the tour!!!! That is truly depressing! I don't like seeing them injured like that! But I was glad to see that he was smiling and that he looked incerdibly cute haha I really like their outfits this year. I don't think I have seen all of them but those I have seen at least. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with their japanese style.. it strange.. sometimes Johnny's boys and DBSK where the same clothes but they do look better on the Johnnys boys... Can it be because they are japanese, the style just suits them better.... eh I don't know, why am I even talking about this? The boys looks hot in their tour outfits this year, that's what I want to say. ^^
       Oh and their single, Stand By You, is supposed to be released on July 1st. Let's see if the date changes or not. ^^

Truly what a depressing post this became... sorry about that.. ^^;
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May. 4th, 2009

TVXQ hug

Little late...

...with this post, sorry.^^

This saturday was a really beautiful day. Maybe the most beautiful day this year so far. If there is one thing I truly love about Sweden and about my life then that is Uppsala and my home in Jumkil. My older sister hate it here, but well we are very different. But, truly, my little city can sometimes take my breath away. My desk is infront of my window and since I spend most om my day infront of it I can clearly see how my little world change with the season and is there anything more beautiful than to see how the world comes back too life after the dark winter.. well I can't think of anything. ^^ Truly it takes my breath away. I love Sakura-trees (cherrytrees) the most, so at least once do I want to go to Japan to see real thing. We have some here too but to few and too small, I think.^^
        Anyway this saturday was a beautiful day and even during work I was happy, something I haven't been for a long time. But I think my boss is mad at me because I didn't take some extra work, and I think he got even angrier yesterday when I called to say that I wasn't going to work today.... there isn't a lot of things that go well for me right now. Specially not school... paper in tomorrow and I still haven't started.. the clock is 8:30 pm......... really bad ne. All I do is watch Jdoramas and I can't stop!! I turned the computer of.. but like 15 minutes later I turned it on again!!! I'm addicted!!!

Today DBSK's Japan tour started, I'm really happy for them, becuase I think the love concerts the most! They truly seem happy when they are on stage infront of a crowd just for them. But BAD news, Junsu, hurt his leg! Why Why does alwyas one of them get hurt during concerts?! Well I can understand why, becuase of rehersals for the show, they work them selfs out. Thinking about how hard they work truly scares me sometimes since I'm so amsingly lazy.
        I think this is the first time Junsu has hurt himself, poor guy. I hope he feels better soon. 
        They sang Stand By You, thier coming single. And I'm suprised over the fact that people are suprised that they are singing it. I understood that they would do so because they always sing a new song during thier Japanese tour and the chance that they would release two new songs so close next two each other is like zero.. so why are everybody suprised? Have I been a fan too long maybe?

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